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In case you spot a vehicle, and this is wanted by the banks, you can earn cash and stars.

The first 3 unique spotters earn cash for each spotted and wanted car. (*)

First Spotter; 200 aed per car (plus 100 stars)

Second Spotter; 100 aed per car (plus 100 stars)

Third Spotter; 50 aed per car (plus 100 stars)

In case that specific car is already reported 3 times, you still earn stars.


In case you report a car which is not wanted by the banks, you still earn 5 points.

All points are added to your personal account.

At the end of each month, the top ten also getting a reward!

Number 1; 1,000 aed

Number 2; 900 aed

Number 3; 800 aed

Number 4; 700 aed

Number 5; 600 aed

Number 6; 500 aed

Number 7; 400 aed

Number 8; 300 aed

Number 9; 200 aed
Number 10; 100 aed

In order to collect your money, you must install eWallet.

All prices are automatically added to your eWallet 30 days after announcing the winners.

(*) All subject to the Terms and Conditions

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