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A few handy tips that you can use to save more on your car insurance and enjoy a few extra bucks for yourself.

Having a car in Dubai means making sure you're covered for any incidents that might happen. However, insurance can not only be expensive, but it can also add up over time.

We are all about simplifying the insurance journey for you. This includes bringing to your attention a few handy tips that you can use to save more on your car insurance and enjoy a few extra bucks for yourself.

Choose your car wisely

Insurance companies calculate premiums based on several variables, car type included. They look at the specifics of your vehicle, from the model, year, type, and safety features. All these things can add to or subtract from your premium. Typically, insurance for a sports car or an SUV might cost more. However, this is just one of the factors.

Do your research

Whether it's your first car or you're changing insurers, always do your research. Remember, insurers also take the driver and driver's history into consideration, so allowing yourself to see which insurer fits your profile could save you a lot. Today, finding out about different insurers in the region is as easy as 1,2,3. All you need to do is hop on to and compare quotes from various insurers in the UAE. This process will allow you to find the right premium for your car.

Get your car in shape

As mentioned before, insurance companies will always look at the vehicle they're insuring - this is precautionary so that if they do need to pay out, they save money too. Consider adding safety features to your car, be it an alarm system, tracker or more. Insurers also look at how 'vulnerable' a car is. This means making sure that your car is road-worthy, from the inside-out.

Just consider your add-ons carefully though. Insurance companies also assess the state of the vehicle they're insuring, and any add-ons that are seen to damage the original condition may not work in your favour.

Reduce your kilometers

Insurance companies are likely to charge more if the car is seen to be a 'higher risk' vehicle. What does that mean? Well, cars with higher mileage are seen to be more likely to break down or have an accident due to their high usage rate. So, if you're driving between cities during the week, avoid using that same car on the weekends, or better, try carpooling with colleagues. The idea is to keep your car running for as long as possible while enjoying a lower insurance premium too.

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Up the excess

Your excess (or deductible) is the amount of money you commit to paying should your insurance need to make a payout. This includes accidents, repairs, theft and more. Generally, you're offered a minimum excess amount relative to your premium that you would need to pay from your pocket. The lower your excess, the higher the premium, because the insurance company is essentially committing to paying more. But if you choose to increase your excess, you can save more on your premium.

Use your no-claims discount

Many people who already have insurance policies aren't aware of the no-claims discount (NCD), which is mostly a reward for being claim-free for a year or more. This NCD accumulates after every renewal of your policy if you are maintaining your good driving behavior.

Saving on your insurance premium is as smooth as enquiring about what you're eligible for, given your history as a driver. And the best part is that no-claims discounts can be transferred from one insurer to another.

Consider buying in bulk

Many insurance companies provide discounts, if you insure with them multiple cars. If you are an owner of more than one vehicle, take advantage of this opportunity to save on your insurance premium up front.

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