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The 5 best tips to Sell Your Car in Dubai

Of course, every car owner who wants to sell car Dubai hopes for particularly good prices and a quick sale. However, this wish is only fulfilled if some details are taken into account during the sale. In the following, interested parties will find five valuable tricks for a satisfactorily used car sales.

Improve the visual appearance

The first impression a potential buyer wins from a car usually does not refer to the technical details. After all, it is not obvious at first glance what the engine and wear parts are. Decisive for a good start and a good price is, therefore, the visual appearance of the car. If you want to sell your car, you should invest a small amount of time and money in cosmetic corrections even before an ad is posted or evaluated by a buyer.

 Set the price wisely

Decisive for a worthwhile sale is also the determination of a reasonable price. Sellers, who set the value of their car too low and communicate a correspondingly low selling price, bring their car though quickly to the man but may renounce on a lot of money. However, a too high price can negatively affect the sale as potential buyers are not interested in the listing and prefer to contact other sellers.


If you do not want to advertise your own car but want to sell car Dubai directly to a buyer, you should opt for a professional provider. Here it is important that a fair value appraisal is performed on site where the acquirers not trying to lower the value of the car flimsy reasons. Sellers who want to be on the safe side, inform in the best case before in an independent workshop about the residual value of the car. So the seller can better assess the offer of the buyer.

Make advertisements attractive

The independent switching of an advertisement is fast and uncomplicated to accomplish thanks to numerous online exchanges. However, for an ad to be successful, sellers should consider a few things. It is important that the listing contains all relevant information about the car. This includes the naming of all optional extras such as air conditioning, heated seats and navigation device. Often, future car buyers in the network search for these characteristics, which is why the findability is improved by a detailed list of all peculiarities.

In addition to a detailed description of the car, the sales pictures also play a decisive role. Pictures on which the buyer can hardly recognize anything, do not promote the success of an advertisement. It is worthwhile to use a sunny day to park the car in a beautiful place and to make representative pictures. The visual impression that the buyer gains improves and the interest in used cars increases. The responsible person should also not forget pictures of the interior and photographically record damages. So the potential buyer already feels well informed by the photos.

Cannot be influenced by time pressure

Time pressure on car sales can reduce the profit for the seller. Anyone who gets involved directly in the first offer and wants to sell their car as quickly as possible often brings with it a few hundred euros. The independent switching of an ad is worthwhile especially if the seller brings some time and patience. So he does not have to go into the first offers but can wait for the right buyer, who wants to pay a reasonable price for the used one.

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Honesty pays off

The own car sells best if directly at the beginning all possible damages and defects of the car are called. If the seller refrains from doing so, he not only makes himself unpopular with potential buyers but also delays the sale unnecessarily. An advertisement in which all relevant key data are communicated honestly will appeal to buyers who also want to buy a car with “parking bumpers” or defective air conditioning. Honesty does not prevent a sale, but can even accelerate it.

Note : Selling car in Dubai is not an easy thing, you have to post online and get hundreds of calls from buyers who are not even interested in buying your car. Getting the right buyer will at least takes one month.

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