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Image by Dmitry Demidko

Did you know 82% of all cars are financed by banks.


However, on average 4% of all consumers are unable to repay this car loan.


Those unpaid car loans pose big risks and challenges for banks.

The central bank issued a decree that U.A.E. banks must make an accounting provision for car loans that are in arrears of 90, 120 and 180 days, of at least 25%, 50% and 100% of that unpaid car loan. (*)

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This leads to significant provisions for banks.

Add to those outstanding amounts other costs such as:

  • Parking fines

  • Speeding tickets

  • Salik

Now each bank fully understands that fast recovery of those vehicles is Top priority.


Estimates given by banks are, that each unpaid car loan contributes for 100.000 dirham taken as provision on the balance sheet.

Per 5.000 delinquent cars, this is an incredible 500 million dirham.



Now together with the Road and Transport Authority, Dubai municipality and many banks, we have developed THE solution:



Report a Car offers a full Back End System for banks to manage delinquent cars. No local installment needed.

For Consumers,security guards and parking officers, we developed an app.


How does it work?


After receiving a court order, banks will list all wanted cars in ‘Report a Car’.

Now everyone who sees a suspicious vehicle can report this.

If it matches the bank records, the bank, police, municipality and towing companies receive an alert.


Report a Car

The app enables consumers, security guards, and municipalities to report abandoned or suspicious vehicles.

When a vehicle from the list is found, the concerning bank immediately receives an alert.


Now the bank can inform CID, the repossession team and the towing company.

This approach is much more efficient than any other method.

Above all, Report a Car is endorsed by the RTA.

So, stop the financial loss, don’t wait any longer, contact us and we can help you start recovering vehicles today!

Many banks have already joined!

Report a Car; Report, Clean up, Earn!

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